About the exhibition:

Multiplicity shows the work of five studios based in several cities across Europe. The city has long been an inspirational place for designers and the exhibition explore the influence that the city has on the work of each studio involved.

The intention is to celebrate the city and its diversity as a source of inspiration for designers. Souvenirs, the urban landscape, local traditions, flea markets, they all play a role in making the city an important resource for ideas and a laboratory for design production.

Although most manufacturing centers are located outside the city (often even outside the country) the paradox is that designers continue to live in cities. Somehow the city seems necessary to culturally stimulate designers and help them to understand human needs and behaviors.

Recently, new possibilities for small-scale production have emerged, allowing designers and everyone else to produce things using on-line platforms.
For this exhibition each studio has worked on a specific project related to the city they live in, using web based software linked to CNC, laser cutting and 3D printing machines.

The objects and its digital instructions will be available to buy on-line, or download, during the time of the exhibition at the Ponoko gallery.

In parallel to the exhibition there will be a pop-up shop with selected memorabilia about several cities by Czech collective OKOLO.