Are you surprised that in the middle of our Snow Weeks blog, we have here architecture from Australia? But it is right. In Australia there are also big mountains, where you can enjoy a lot of snow. The best ones are located in New South Wales, where you can find this great modernist masterpiece designed by one of the Australian most famous architects Harry Seidler (1923 - 2006).

Born in Vienna, Seidler became most successful Australian architect during the 1950s and 1960s, when he realized some of the finest examples of tropical modernist architecture worldwide. This time we are not interested in icons of tropical functionalism, but only in one small, relatively unknown Seidler`s building of ski lodge in the Thredbo Village ski resort in the Snowy Mountains of New South Wales. On the pictures is no snow, but during the local winter the landscape is changing very much and become one of the best ski resort of south hemisphere.

Seidler and his studio created very compact mountain residence, which was built in 1962. Its unusual upside down shape was determined by the extreme difficult sloping location. Interior is the open plan with mid-levels. The ski room, sauna and wash rooms are located on the bottom stone-walled level, the bedrooms are located on the mid levels, and the large entertaining, living and dining areas are located on the top. From terraces you have a spectacular views into the mountain nature. The lodge won in 1965 the prestigious RAIA Wilkinson Award for residential architecture. Today is still in operation and you can rent it for some days during the ski season.

Seidler`s lodge is a very nice example, how architect can adapt his own style for different conditions than usually.

Photos by Max Dupain