In 1942 famous Czech automobile company Tatra in Kopřivnice was commissioned by German Wehrmacht to design special snow motor sled. Tatra remodeled Tatra 87 car model and created surprising prototype of the sled that was going to be one of the army vehicles for the battles in east war line. However Tatra V 855 with eight-cylinder engine with OHC divorce and capacity of 2968 cm³ had never went into the serial production.

The Tatra`s significant organic shaped body was mounted on the four skids. The engine was situated at the back and drove big wood propeller. Because the propeller was fixed, the vehicle could not go back and brake. So the Tatra had to have the special rotary tambour with arrowy plinths. The tambour could be used in city transportation or as an additional drive to the propeller. Maximum speed of the prototype in the tests was 80 km/h. The only one prototype is now in Tatra museum in Kopřivnice, Czech republic. One replica was built and it is in Lane Motor Muzeum in American Nashville.

Despite that the Tatra V 855 was commissioned for the war purposes, the vehicle is fascinated relatively unknown design by the Czech legendary company.