Lausanne based designers Camille Blin, Arnault Weber and Emmanuel Mbessé have launched their own furniture line called ACE.

Their first collection they have presented at this year Salone Satellite exhibition at Salone del Mobile in Milan. It is based on the use of the solid ash wood and the simplest joinery production.

As they say: "We streamline the production as much as possible by reducing mechanical interventions and by exploiting the wood products available from the suppliers. The chosen wood is a local ash either solid or in glulam pannels. This choice, primarily aesthetic also permits to bring out a wood normally rarely used, unlike most resinous woods. We then focussed on the production tools available in an average woodworking shop. The tools available are: a circular saw, a panel saw, a miter saw, a vertical shaper, a router, a drill, a plane, a planing machine. This is where our aesthetics were born: the lines will be geometrical, stretched and our objects highly influenced by these tools."

The result is very clean lines collection of furniture with the contemporary functionalist as well as fashionable twist.

Photos by Mathias Clottu and Nicolas Haeni