The Swiss Victorinox began new year with the brand new and experimental collaboration with the London-based fashion designer Christopher Raeburn. Debuting at New York Fashion Week, Victorinox launched their capsule collection called Remade in Switzerland, in which they experimented in new comprehension of their heritage as well as new solutions in use of the materials.

Raeburn decided to make only 8 pieces collection which is fabricated from vintage Swiss military fabrics such as old sleeping bags, parachutes, blankets or wool coats. The result is limited edition collection with only 100 pieces of the each model. We show here only 4 pieces from the collection including Horseshoe Nail Knife crafted from old military horseshoe nails, Cocoon Blouson made from vintage sleeping bags or Parachute Hoodie and Woman's Sentry's Scarf constructed from surplus Swiss military blankets. The other products include Duffle Backpack, Recruits`s Cap, Captain`s Coat and Officer`s Parka.

All the pieces are very nicely executed. Designer gave whole new life to the old materials and created from them contemporary stylish items. The idea is very clever with a lot of respect for our grandfathers and craft heritage of the Switzerland.