Celebrated Italian fashion designer Emilio Pucci (1914 - 1992) who founded his fashion label in Florence in the late 1940s, was one the first designers to stretch the boundaries of fashion, lending his creative talent to a variety of lifestyle projects. He has designed logo for the Apollo 15 space mission, porcelain vases for Rosenthal, the interiors of the Ford Lincoln Continental Mark IV, as well as futuristic uniforms for the Braniff airlines.

His really original designs for Braniff you could see at the Palm Springs Riviera Hotel as a part of the Palm Springs Modernism Week 2011. The event of the architectural tours, exhibitions, design sales, lectures and parties was held in Palm Springs between 17th and 27th February. All of it dedicated to the mid-century lifestyle, design and architecture of shiny California only.

Exhibition about the style and fashion of the Braniff airlines that operated from 1928 until 1982, primarily in the midwestern and southwestern of the USA, was one of the highlights of the show. The company collaborated with designers and artist such as Alexander Girard, Alexander Calder and Emilio Pucci as well. Braniff created the whole mid-century style look that is major part of the Californian culture of the 1950s and 1960s.

Emilio Pucci`s uniforms (showing above) are great example of the airlines fashion as well as experimental futuristic approach to fashion design of the 1960s. The first collaboration with Italian designer is from 1965. The colorful outfits included "Space Bubbles" to protect hostesses from the rain and wind. Transparent helmets are the finest example of the space-age aesthetic in the fashion. Despite these proved unpractical, and were not issued after 1965.

Pucci and his ski and mountain style of the 1950s coming soon...