Today, the postmodern design is considered to be an anti-aesthetic and very wild movement of the design history. But in the 1980s a lot of successful designers created very pure and lyrical postmodern design, too. Many of them were Japanese. There, the Italian radical design of the 1970s was about a decade later transformed by some prominent creators to the specific japanese postmodern style characterized by subtlety,poesy, and very often shape minimalism, which we can find, paradoxically, in classic modernist design. Tokiushi Kita (1942) is one these Japanese masters. For example, he is quite famous for his collaboration with Cassina. For this Italian brand he designed popular Wink chair or Kick table.

But there we present his design of the floor lamp Tomo, which he created for other Italian label called Luci at the end of the 1980s. Very nice composition of the light stands at the beginning of the new period of design in the 1990s. Simultaneously refers to classic Italian modernist light design and thanks to very nice details is a fine example of Japanese design of a decade.