We have traveled in time; Back to the Future, July 2010

We have re-discovered the icon of the 1970s decorative arts; Retrospective of the Light, October 2010
We are riding the fixed; Pedal Project collaboration, Fixed gear exhibition, September 2010
We have dismantled "the Pig"; Anatomy of ČZ, February 2010
We have made art from the BMX; BMX Visionarists, October 2009
We have created the impossible contexts on first sight; OKOLO Environment, October 2010
We have explored creative processes; CraftDesign, December 2010
We have transformed forms of design and antiques; Transformation of Things, April 2010
We are producing and collaborating with the best, Things collection, T-shirts, Next Step, 2010

We are balancing our creative business from very own beginning in October 2009 to date. As our little retrospective review we have created two special styling edits with our own products and artifacts we have showed at our curated exhibitions.

In collaboration with very own photographer Jaroslav Moravec we have styled everything to some pictures only.

Here we are showing the first from the stylings, which features all our curated exhibitions representing by most interesting and favourite exhibits from them.

Check it this week for the another styling with our own products and graphic solutions we have made.