There is one exception from our Wood Style blog. Just now we have prepared specially designed poster for the Pecha Kucha night in Prague. This saturday at the 16 of March at 8.20 pm in Aero Cinema, Prague is held Pecha Kucha Global day inspire Japan special event, where you can auction 40 pieces and objects by Czech architects, designers, artists and other creatives for helping the restoring Japan after the earthquake and tsunami. Don`t miss the event and buy one of the interesting works in the auction.

OKOLO has created this poster (detail you can see above) with the special survey called "15 reasons why Japan is the design superpower" featuring 15 phenomenon in which is Japanese design, architecture, style and fashion so unique. The poster includes text about and our minimalist drawings of the examples presenting the single themes.

In the future we will publish detailed pictures, as well as single drawings with whole stories about.

More info about the event on Pecha Kucha.