Next to the successful exhibition The Retrospective of the Light at Designblok 2010, we had our own presentation called OKOLO Environment. There is a text about it.

The creative group of OKOLO presented an unconventional concept of a temporary boutique and gallery in one at Designblok 2010. Thus, our exhibition space represented an original view of various products and objects, the selection of which reflects all our fields of interest. OKOLO Environment offered a unique excursion into the diversity of human creativity, which will not be depicted only through our own products and creative projects, but also in an unusually wide spectrum of products ranging from a 1950s lamp to a Nike backpack, and exceptional Hermés prints. The artifacts that seemed unconnectable at first sight, expressed our profound style-setting perspective and represent the perfectly conceived curatorial environment of OKOLO.

In the interior, furnished by practical furniture designed by Martin Žampach and Klára Šumová, visitors found both our T-shirt collections, the OKOLO Next Step magazine, and our debut collection of products entitled The Things, made in collaboration with Antonín Hepnar, Tomáš Král, Camille Blin, Jan Činčera, Martin Prokeš, and Martin Žampach. There were also a series of theoretically focused graphic prints or the unique one-off project by dutch Daphna Isaacs, Laurens Manders. All these items were accompanied by other products, some of which were also for sale. Their only link to each other is the world around us and our passion for beautiful and intelligent products.

Photos by Jaroslav Moravec