We love Carlo Mollino (1905-1973). Italian designer, architect, photographer, automobile racer and acrobatic pilot was also great skier, who developed new style of downhill skiing, too. Below you can read one chapter from our upcoming book about this amazing creator, which we prepare for the next year.

As a part of our Snow Weeks blog, we present here our next illustration showing maestro Mollino on ski. Next to it, you can see drawing of the Casa del Sole chalet and hotel in Cervinia, where he interconnected the post-war architectural organic concepts with mountain rusticity. The Chalet was very favorite place for skiers in 1950s and 1960s.

From the OKOLO Mollino book:
Mollino always managed to apply the organic arabesque-like style that he cultivated in his architectural and designer projects into all his other interests. He turned this style into the form of a physical activity when he went downhill skiing for the first time in Claviere in 1934. Like many other activities, he shared his enthusiasm for skiing with his father Eugenio. Mollino perceived downhill skiing as a perfect activity that fulfilled both the aesthetical qualities and extreme excitement that the designer searched for in all his interests. Thanks to skiing, Mollino came across many architectural assignments in the mountains, which culminated in 1954 when the Casa del Sole chalet in Cervinia was constructed.
Mollino practiced downhill skiing at full throttle during the last half of the 1930s when he met Austrian downhill skiing champion Leo Gasperl in Livrio. Gasperl was invited to Italy to train the Italian national downhill skiing team. Not only did the two men have in common a love of skiing, but also photography and writing. Shortly afterwards – in 1939 – they started to publish downhill skiing manuals and handbooks. Mollino’s photos and drawings present downhill skiing as a highly sophisticated sport with style as a very important element. Precise arcs and poises naturally correspond with Mollino’s interior design mastery. The two men brought skiing to the blaze of glory from all style-setting perspectives. Of course, attention is paid to every detail in the hierarchy – from the perfect jump to overly precise binding to an elegant outfit. Books such as Downhill Skiing by Leo Gasperl from 1939 and Introduction to Downhill Skiing by Carlo Mollino codify this sport as a very technical and visually impressive discipline, which Mollino’s photos and dynamic drawings prove in an exemplary manner. Mollino demonstrated on the steep slopes of Italian Alps that skiing, like car racing and acrobatic flying, can turn into lyrical poetry.

Check our blog and see one prepared contemporary homage to Mollino in the next article!! Now it is under construction in Italy. More tomorrow.