There is the another demolished masterpiece of modernist architecture. This time Moby Dick chalet, which was built in 1966 by Japanese architect Mayumi Miyawaki (1936 - 1998).

Near the Lake Yamanaka and Mount Fuji, chalet was designed for the wealthy manufacturer as his second home. Architect Miyawaki established his studio only two years before this commission and in his portfolio he had two completed houses only. For him it was the great occasion to experiment, because client had given the young architect free rein. So after the mentioned Octopus chalet and Rice Ball house, Miyawaki designed this house as a free form whale looking building with delicate woodwork and openings and views into the nature. Perfect architectural solution created harmony between the new house and nature. The main element is the curvy roof, which gave the house its name Moby Dick. Inside, it created the upturned boat shape ceiling with the strong dramatic feeling. Nice example of the Japanese architectural experiments of 1960s was demolished by the new owner in 1990s.