This project is already from the last year, but who knows that celebrated contemporary heavyweight in installation art, Olafur Eliasson, has designed series of skadeboards decks?

Eliasson was approached by French company Mekanism, which specializes on the production of highly limited skateboards. Company, founded by Fred Maechler is based in Paris and every year produces about two special projects with artists. In last years Mekanism created decks with John Maeda, Peter Zimmermann, Katharina Grosse, Albert Oehlen and many others.

Their 2009 project with Olafur Eliasson called Your mercury ocean is revolutionary for the company. Because artist decided to rework the surface of the skateboard into the three-dimensional pattern for the first time. Before it artists painted on the decks only. Skateboards were milled to create a wave like shape and coated by silver mirror surface. The artwork was created in 90 + 10 + 10 pieces edition.