The Embacher collection is a wonderful source of the most interesting and unique bikes from the 20th century history. Architect Michael Embacher who leads his own architecture practice Embacher/Wien since 1994 in Vienna, Austria, started to collect bikes years ago with passion for design and everything around. Today, his collection is one of the biggest and strongest group of the unique bicycles in the world. As a small celebration of it, the Embacher collection is now published in a big catalogue by Thames&Hudson. Called Cyclepedia: A Tour of Iconic Bicycle Designs, the book was written and edited by Michael Embacher himself with the foreword by cycling enthusiast Paul Smith.

We choose one of the many incredible bikes and presents here two details of this ultimate 1950s racing machine. Mercier Mecadural Pèlissier is the finest example of the postwar French bike craft. Made out of aluminum, the bicycle was one of the most lightweight in its time. In 1950s the aluminum became popular material for building bikes, because lack of classic steel was used for more important projects due to reconstruction work after the war. Pélissier features classic symbols of the vintage racing. Aluminum bottles, as well as hammered lights and mudguards, created all together perfect formal and function composition of the machine. The bike was made for Francis Pélissier, one of three brothers who were all very successful in the bicycle sport.

The best bike for the next L`Eroica competition...

Photo Courtesy of the Embacher collection