You know how we like 1950s Italian design and architecture. And it seems that we slowly are becoming "small experts" for it. Next to OKOLO Mollino book, which was published in the Wallpaper October issue, there is an article about Italian modernist architect Ico Parisi which I prepared for the same issue of this magazine.

My love story with the modernist architect Ico Parisi began some years ago. But this year my interest about his work culminated very much and resulted in my first article for Wallpaper magazine. And how was it? It is interesting story.

When I was in Paris at the beginning of this year, I bought one of the most important books for me there. Quite small book about Ico Parisi published in the 1990s is a really rare publication about this architect. Because about Parisi does not exist almost one book. The work of this hidden icon of the Italian modernist design is very unknown and almost total forgotten. But with my detective eye I found some of his finest creations erected in Como during 1950s in the book which I knew only from few pictures from 1950s Domus until that time. Some of these unique buildings I re-discovered with the help of my brave girlfriend Jana during our visit of Como in April 2011.

It was unbelievable. We found hidden groups of Parisi villas without help of exact address. One of them, villa Bolgiana is featuring in the article in Wallpaper. But it was not enough for true lover of the Parisi work. At the end we visited Parisi flat, where he lived until his death.

After that when I showed my pictures from the villa and the flat to Ellie Stathaki, Wallpaper architecture editor, she was fascinated and said me that Wallpaper want to publish this story about forgotten masterpieces by Ico Parisi.

And do you want to know, who is Ico Parisi and in which he is so great? Now you can read my article about Parisi in the October issue of Wallpaper magazine. Enjoy!

Thanks Ellie Stathaki and Wallpaper. Dreams come true!