This is a hunter jacket and not hunting trophy...
...and this is a hunting trophy, not hunter jacket!

Strong conceptual thinking about the fashion and objects in general shows recent work by Indian born, London-based industrial design graduate Rohan Chhabra. His Hunter jacket is the exactly what we were looking for our Wood style blog.

His socially-based design of the Hunter jacket, which can be transformed into the hunting trophy of ram, is the experimental work passing the boundaries between fashion, design and art. Precisely made jacket that looks like a traditional hunter jackets similar to designs of Barbour or Filson and others is equipped with ingenious system allowing to transform its form into the hunting trophy. The design is a result of the deep social ideas of ethics in contemporary society. Hunter kills animal and his trophy hangs on the wall. Now, in the Chhabra`s jacket both, hunter and his victim, are the same. In addition, project explores new possibilities of materials and their constructions.