Forest still provides a lot of food for contemporary society too. One of the best treasures of the nature is honey. In our Wood Style blog we were looking around the world for some interesting honey producers and their products. In this small survey we are not interesting in the honey itself, but in the quality and style of the packaging and graphic design of the products.

According to our research we present here two groups with two different approaches for graphic design and packaging.

The first row above presents some more traditional, as well as newer producers whose approach to packaging and design is more intuitive and ordinary. Despite this we find these products relatively nice with the ordinary but clever visual and functional results based on the honey character.

In the second row you can see three examples of the more progressive contemporary approach to design of the packaging. For example Heide honey was made for Heide Museum of Modern Art in Australia by design agency Pidgeon. The design is based on the use of Hex typeface, which was inspired by the honeycombs. The another, more minimalist result we can see in the elegant packaging design of Beeline honey produced in Chicago, USA.