Our previous story and whole project around
this Back to the Woods swing itself have inspired
us very much. So we have prepared this
curated survey of five another design objects
and activities with the similar philosophy. Nice small intimate products are perfect for
your happy and relaxing time in the nature.
You can explore small natural treasures, fly
to the sky, play in the cold stream or speak
with birds and much more. All of these
activities are endless poetic enjoyment
with our selected products and forest
becomes big creative playground.
1. Looking for a small treasures, L’Atelier d’exercices, Porte-plumes
2. Playing in the stream, Big Game, Bote for Materia
3. Skipping rocks, Formfjord, Ruhrsteine
4. Speaking with the birds, Bird Echo
5. Reaching the sky, Yoshida Crow model kit