Klára Šumová, lamp Láska, Lathe
Kateřina Matěchová, Ring and brooch, Sandpaper
Martin Prokeš (Nakahanu), Glass Bona, Burner
Tamsin van Essen, Vase Osteoporosis, Yeats
Antonín Hepnar, Bowl Bossage, Chisel
Dan Pošta, Sheet metal chair, Hammer

Exhibition held at Designsupermarket festival in Prague in December 2009. We created concept, visual style and installation.

The accompanying exposition CraftDesign maps contemporary trends in an approximation of experimental design and traditional crafts. This is the essential thought driving the creative processes behind the works made in small and limited series or as one single original piece. This pushes the works even further from the traditional understanding of industrial design. This sort of “craft approach” rises from the need of the authors to be as close as possible to the realization of their visions and ideas, forcing them to become craftsmen or work closely with craftsmen when manufacturing every one of their pieces. This moves the manufacturing process from factories to designers; ateliers, making the final product much more authentic and emotionally charged. The tools used by the designers to materialize their visions and ideas become an important, delicate and personal link between the idea and the actual finished work. This exposition presents several works of young and mature Czech authors shown alongside the tools used to make their individual objects. The displayed tools are not the actual tools used by the designers; they provide a conceptual link allowing us to imagine how the objects were made. CraftDesign shows not only trends in contemporary design, but also a selection of factory-produced quality tools used by the authors to materialize their ideas and visions. It also encourages an exchange of ideas between industrial production and crafts.

Authors: AAKK Forever, Jakub Berdych, Jan Činčera, Tamsin van Essen, Antonín Hepnar, Petr Kavan, Maestrokatastrof, Kateřina Matěchová, Papelote, Daniel Pošta, Martin Prokeš (Nakahanu), Rozbíjím se, Klára Šumová, Trash Made (Anna Kozová), Maxim Velčovský