This is not a bike, this is a sculpture. It is the same principle as on the paintings by René Magritte, where pipe is not a pipe and in work of Marcel Duchamp, where urinal is not urinal but Fountain. All the pieces we mentioned here are associated with ready-made concept.

The bike/sculpture on the picture above is the newest one and pays tribute to all these ready-mades and to Marcel Duchamp especially. Perfectly completed vintage style Del Campo bike is artwork by Amaral-Bostyn, Belgian artists who created it for Brussels gallery D&A Lab and exhibited it at Design Miami event in December last year.

Graphic layout of the bike is inspired by Marcel Duchamp`s work called ‘Obligation pour la roulette de Monte-Carlo’ (Monte-Carlo Bond) created in 1924 to develop an infallible mathematical technique enabling the player to win ‘slowly but surely’ at roulette. The name Del Campo can be translated as Du Champ in French. All this is framed by gold borders on a green background, an allegory of a game mat where dramas and fortunes take shape. At the front of the frame we can find another graphic detail: label with famous portrait of Marcel Duchamp.

The bike is imaginary object with very difficult philosophy referring to difficult work of Marcel Duchamp. Simultaneously it is very nice bike design with some of the best components (Campagnolo included) which pay tribute to classic road cycling of the last century.