The seaplanes represent the specific branch of industrial and airplanes design. Models of the airplanes represent specific branch of airplanes design, too, as well as RC industry. These two disciplines meet each other in model of one of the best seaplanes ever designed, Macchi M33 by best Japanese RC label Kyosho.

Kyosho is a company producing all in RC scene including cars, airplanes, boats, robots and many others. Its airplanes are precise models of original vintage or contemporary machines. On the other hand, Macchi is a legend of flying of the first half of the last century. Famous for its speed records and victories in cult Schneider Trophy competitions, Macchi airplanes are the theme for not only this article.

Monoplane Macchi M33 was released in 1925 and at Schneider Trophy in Baltimore, USA had won the 3rd place. Nostalgic era of the seaplanes contests is reborn again in the Kyosho model from 2009.

Schneider Trophy is so interesting event that we prepare special articles and projects about it. Check it later...