We are inviting you to our collaborative project with Master & Master furniture company.

Creative collective of OKOLO bring unexpected view on Master & Master products with the curated series of objects inspired by some of the great designers, artists and architects of the past and present with whom production of Master & Master shares similar creative vision in design, production and business model. OKOLO creates a series of art objects integrated into the particular dimensions and places of Master & Master furniture to manifest the general ideas which Master & Master and OKOLO admire. The objects, inspired by work of Dieter Rams, Naoto Fukasawa, Joseph Eichler, Massimo Vigneli and Achille Castiglioni, work as a narrative layer to explain inspiration and philosophy of Master & Master production.

We were so surprised when we have received these very nice Buttons as a present from Studio Swine after we organized their show at our gallery in Prague.

Buttons are new type of intimate fashion accessories, which you can clip on button or other detail without permanently fixed to one garment.

The shapes are inspired by tropical Modernist architecture.

There are some photos from our latest exhibition project at our OKOLO/PP gallery in Prague. London-based Studio Swine presented five conceptual and performative design projects related to sea, land and space.

The documentation of projects, some prototypes, materials samples and more were exhibited within soft foam installation.

Last year, we have created an interactive exhibition dedicated to Czech illustrator Miroslav Šašek.

The traveling exhibition, commissioned by Miroslav Šašek Foundation, consists of several paper modules representing some of the Šašek's illustrations from his eponymous books he made during the 1950s to 1970s. His books for children are focused on famous cities, their architecture, people, nature, culture and traditions. Our modules represent several topics these topics and allow children and adults to play with.

Italian master of style designed this late sculpture called Diavolessa in 1978.

In December 2015 we have invited German designer Sebastian Herkner to our gallery to show three of his projects he did in Colombia, Germany and Zimbabwe.

The installation inspired by tropical atmosphere and vegetation presented baskets from Zimbabwe, home collection of Ames made in Colombia and Falda vase for Rosenthal. The exhibition surveys different approaches to local crafts and traditions.